BOARDWALK is a look inside the mind of Michael Marguet, LA-based musician, producer and lover of the sun. A blend of lush guitar grooves, gentle yet electrifying synth swells, and funk-based bass lines, the music finds itself at a hypnotic crossroads of indie, electronic and psych pop. 

Michael draws inspiration from his unique life experiences and perspectives, touching on themes of non-conformity, exploration, freedom and love. At 21 years old he overcame a life-threatening battle with cancer, an experience that challenged him to pursue his truth whole-heartedly and dive deeper into the human experience. 

Tucked away in the enclave of Silver Lake, Michael writes, records, and produces everything from inside the walls of his own home, creating music to live life to. He has released 5 singles, along with a 6-song EP, amassing a larger following and establishing his presence in the LA indie scene with each new release. He has also released 2 music videos for his singles ‘I Got Myself’ and ‘takemyhand’. GET READY TO DANCE!!


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